Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Summer learning journey week 1, Day 1, activity 1 and activity 2 (with bonus activity)

activity 1
3 facts I know about Maui:

 He caught the north island, Mauis  brothers don't want him to fish, Maui used his blood as bait.

activity 2
write a small letter to a friend about moving to New Zealand on a waka:

To John

This is so exciting! I am SUPER TIRED as well. I cant wait to sleep on land again, I can see some mountains in the distance now! only a couple of hours left till we land.


Bonus activity

I would not like to race in waka ama because of how fast you need to paddle for 500m, it would be exhausting.

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  1. Hi Jake!

    My name is Ellee and I am a part of the Summer Learning Journey crew blogging with you this summer!

    I hope that you have had a good Christmas and New Years break? Have you been up to anything special?

    It's great to see you making a start on the activities, awesome!

    Activity One:
    You have found some great ideas from the story. What did you think about the story? Did you enjoy reading about Maui and his brothers?
    I liked the part where one brother got made at the other for weighing down the boat and told him he was eating too much kumara!

    Activity Two:
    I like your letter to your friend John! I think he would be pretty happy to receive a letter from a waka. I think it would be so exciting to see land for the first time from your waka, I like that you have included this into your letter.
    What do you think it would have been like travelling long distances this way?
    My mum gets really sea sick so I think she would have hated it!!
    Do you think they were scared about what they might find on the new islands they travelled to?

    Bonus Activity:
    I think it would be very tiring too, I have bad upper body strength so I would have to train really hard before trying a waka ama race!
    Do you like to participate in other water activities though?
    I have always wanted to try surfing!

    I am really happy that you have made a start on your Blog Jake - Keep up the awesome work!
    Ellee :)


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